A report shows 6 emerging travel trends

The Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions over the past two years have led to prominent shifts and to the emergence of new behaviours among travellers and consequent implications for tourism industry players.

In a survey published in May 2022, Sabre identified six key emerging trends in the Travel & Tourism sector:

1. The travel volume is returning to a pre-Covid-level. According to 37% of airlines and travel companies involved in the survey, this will happen by the end of 2024.
2. Travel agencies are gaining more and more reliance and acceptance among customers since tourists consider travel as more complex than ever before due to uncertainties regarding safety, rules, and restrictions.
3. The right experience comes before the price. As highlighted in a survey by American Express, 86% of the respondents expect to spend more or the same amount of money compared to a typical year before the pandemic showing an increase in “revenge travel” with the objective of making up for lost time. This trend has also been underlined in a survey conducted by Quantum Metric, which states that around 54% of consumers will spend more on their rebooked trips and one in four (27%) say it will be a significant amount.
4. Business travel is changing face. As already analysed in a previous article, bleisure will rise in the future, with 82% of airline respondents believing that travellers will combine business and leisure more often.
5. Sustainability is becoming a priority both for consumers and the industry itself. Around 87% of the consumers surveyed by Sabre stated that sustainable travel is ‘somewhat important’ or ‘very important’ to them. Also a survey conducted by Northstar Travel Group showed how sustainability consciousness is growing.
6. The pace of change is accelerating and is driven by technology and collaboration.

These latest trends have been highlighted also by Skift, which underlined how travellers will put experience and sustainability at the top of their travel choices.

At Twissen we observed that, with the pandemic, the tourism industry has rapidly changed and is now experiencing a recovery even while facing many challenges. Moreover, tourists’ increasing willingness to travel and the development of new behaviours is obliging travel agencies, airlines and hotels to invest in technology as well as offer more and more tailored experiences.

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