Servizio di Ricerche & Analisi di Mercato - Twissen

Research & Market Analysis

We constantly observe the global market of the Travel & Tourism industry, combining a multiplicity of informative sources, thanks to the independent collaboration with DMOs, public institutions, universities and research centres.

We create the perfect environment for reliable and efficient researches and market analysis.

Check out the MAIN PROJECTS below to find out what we did!

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Main Projects

Foto copertina caso studio Twissen
Strategic Plan of Tourism in Veneto 2025-2027
Communication PR & Networking
Copertina caso studio nft
Cuore presentazione 3D Printed Tiramisu - Maggio 2022
3D Printed Tiramisù
Research & Market Analysis
E-CHAIN - Enhanced Connectivity and Harmonization of data for the Adriatic Intermodal Network - Twissen Case History
Research & Market Analysis - Twissen Case History
Piano Strategico del Turismo Veneto - Twissen Case History
Strategic Plan of Tourism in Veneto 2021-2023
Communication PR & Networking
DMC Montello - Twissen Case History
DMC Montello
Destination Management

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