3D Printed Tiramisù


3D Printed Tiramisù

The project is based on experiments to make tiramisu using a 3D machine so that the end user can benefit from a memorable tasting experience. 
The goal is to create commercialised solutions.  
The project has been awarded a Third Party Support from Amable which is funded under the HORIZON 2020 Programme. 


August, 2021 – May, 2022 (1 year)


Twissen (Italy) e  Natural Machines-Foodini (Spain),  

Tutor organization: Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) (Holland)  

Objectives and results

During the project, several tiramisu recipes were printed out and appreciated by the focus groups. In addition, several solutions were identified that could be implemented for the preparation of the dessert, laying the foundations for an interesting business opportunity. 
The dissemination plan, thanks also to the Tiramisù World Cup channels, made the peculiarities of this innovation known to the larger audience. 

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This page will be constantly updated with multimedia material on the progress of the project.

To learn more about how the 3D printer works, visit Natural Machines YouTube channel.

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