The first project based on non fungible token is focused on the design and implementation for the Tiramisù World Cup project of two collections of NFT inspired by the Tiramisù World Champions of each edition, the original and the creative one.
The NFTs Tiramisù represent the values shared and represented by the TWC.


Since March, 2022 


Twissen collaborates with Art Director Michele Crema for the development and creation of the artistic concept.

Objectives and results

The Tiramisù World Cup opens the doors to the new generation of Gourmands with whom it  wants to share values and the desire to be together.

Each year, two collections will be minted, inspired by the World Champion Tiramisù of each edition, the original and the creative one, which are the best ever as well as the highest expression of the most loved Italian dessert in the world.

On March, 21, 2022, the first NFT Tiramisù belonging to the collection “Tiramisù Love” was released and is now available on

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