Tiramisù World Cup

Tiramisù World Cup - Twissen Case History


Tiramisù World Cup

The Tiramisù World Cup (from now on “TWC”) is a project of territorial marketing related to the most famous dessert in the world: tiramisu. The Grand Final is held in Treviso every year in October; project activities take place throughout the year in online and offline modalities, with the aim of making the event itinerant, involving public and private partners both in Italy and abroad.
The Twissen project is financed through contributions from Regions, Municipalities, DMOs and Associations.


Since 2017 – Ongoing, 8 editions


The TWC involves more than 30 relevant partners, including top Italian brands from the food industry (Amadori, Matilde Vincenzi, Hausbrandt, De’Longhi, H&H and other sectors, relevant Public Administrations (Regions, Chambers of Commerce, Municipalities), DMOs and Unions, The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’,  Italea and others.

Objectives and results

In the course of its five editions, the Tiramisù World Cup has achieved the following objectives:

  • Make the excellence of Made in Italy known around the world through tiramisu and the positive values it evokes;
  • Bring together the community of tiramisu lovers (more than 16k users) generating engagement and keeping the attention high throughout the year, also through UGC;
  • Increase the brand awareness and reputation of the tourism destinations involved;
  • Generate tourist flow towards the destinations involved;
  • Contribute to the visibility and increased turnover of the project Partners;
  • Increase media exposure of the territory in Italy and abroad;
  • Internationalize the project by conducting selections abroad, including in Brazil, Uruguay, and Canada.

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