DMC Montello

DMC Montello - Twissen Case History


Montello Destinazione Turistica

The “Montello Destinazione Turistica” project saw the launch and development of a local tourism system to enhance and promote the area called DMC Montello (“Destination Management Community”, as defined in the Call). After the drafting of the Destination Management Plan, the implementation includes specific actions for the promotion and enhancement of the destination, involving territorial public and private stakeholders but not only.


Since 2018 – Ongoing


Objectives and results

The pathway of the DMC Montello aims at identifying, developing and promoting a territorial tourism brand and a sustainable and quality tourism offer towards target markets interested in discovering the local features of the Montello area.
Thanks to the actions defined within the Action Plan, in coherence and complementarity with the tourism policies at a regional level, the following outputs have been achieved:

  • Definition of the DMC Montello logo, Brand Manual and basic graphics;
  • Activation of new products;
  • Creation of networks and extension of local collaboration networks;
  • Design and development of the “Carta dell’Accoglienza” and “Patentino dell’Ospitalità” through training initiatives in line with current trends, aimed at Montello’s tour operators and residents;
  • Development of a destination portal and social media channels for territorial marketing initiatives;
  • Design, development and activation of the Montello Pass, a card that allows visitors to take advantage of different types of conventions offered by the local network of museums as well as other participating activities;
  • Drafting of the Destination Plan.

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