Workspitality: reinventing the offer to accelerate the recovery

During the 2020s we have seen the emergence of workation, a concept that describes the trend of working remotely in a holiday location. With the start of the new year and the inevitable rise of smart working, this trend is not only on the rise due to the need to combine work and leisure, but it is proving to be a unique opportunity for the recovery of the hospitality industry.

In the general uncertainty that the entire industry is facing, workspitality is an opportunity for the hospitality sector to accelerate its recovery by attracting valuable travellers looking for a longer stay and ready to spend more to receive a customised offer.

In a scenario where workation could become the new normal, the hotel industry must respond to the expectations of the new market segment by presenting increasingly flexible and innovative solutions. This means that, while for co-working initiatives a comfortable workspace and a high-speed Internet connection are essential conditions for service delivery, for longer stays these factors are no longer sufficient.

Hotel brands will have to consider all the components of the workation to guarantee the customer two aspects: the comfort needed to work in the hotel and the opportunity to spend memorable moments in the chosen destination. As a result, children’s activities, family packages as well as outdoor experiences should complement the services offered to the smart worker. Safety and hygiene protocols will also need to be taken into account, and smart and contactless solutions will be an important ally in this.

At Twissen, we have observed that, although the travel & tourism industry is facing a slow recovery, with the arrival of vaccines, the desire of European tourists to travel in the next six months is increasing. Accommodation facilities with the ability to reinvent their offerings and provide flexible and personalised solutions will have the opportunity to open their doors to tourists in 2021, guests looking for safety, regeneration and work-friendly spaces.


Author: Sara Marchetti
She graduated in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems and enjoyed study experiences abroad. At Twissen, she coordinates the editorial plans and the research department of the company.

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