The evolution of business travel and emerging trends in 2022

Most workers and business travelers agree that the pandemic has increased a need for in-person connections. In fact, 84% of business travelers  interviewed by U.S. Travel Association believes that they will take at least one trip to attend conventions or conferences in the next six months.

There is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. This is proven by the fact that in-person encounters lead to more fruitful business opportunities, where relational and financial impacts are significant, as confirmed by 74% of business travelers. Moreover, an analysis by the San Diego State University underlined how organizations that resume business travel more quickly will probably have a competitive edge over those that do not go back to in-person travel as fast. .

Also bleisure travel, more and more identified as workation trend, is coming back: 53% of business travelers are taking into consideration going on a bleisure trip, where they can blend family, work and fun all in one. Because of remote work, beach and ocean resorts are the most interesting destinations, together with off the beaten track locations. In particular for bleisure tourism, companies working in the travel industry can now capitalize on this trend basing their marketing campaigns on local tourist attractions and events so that business travelers will extend their trip thanks to their presence.

At Twissen, we have observed how the return of business travel brings with it a new travel mindset, dictated by the emerging needs of workers, accustomed to increasingly hybrid meeting modes, and the need to find the best solutions for combining private and work life.

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