Reviews and web reputation mark new trends in the accommodation sector – Twissen Season Report Spring 2017

As it can be deducted, reviews and web reputation are closely bonded. The tourist on one side, who is more or less satisfied with its experience in the hotel, the hotel owner on the other side, who wants to look its best to potential customers.
From the tourist side, many online review platforms have been developed; today the most popular is Tripadvisor. But it’s not the only one: each geographic target, in fact, has its own preferred platform to review: HolidayCheck for German tourists, Yelp for British and American ones, Zoover for Dutch travellers. Tourists, when it comes to leaving a review, usually hope that hotel owners are going to appreciate positive ones but, most of all, to consider negative ones.
On the other side, hotel owners don’t want negative reviews to affect their activity, ruining its reputation. In this context, companies helping hotel managers to deal with their web reputation have developed, usually offering a software which allows them to control and manage reviews on different portals.
These companies are becoming more and more interesting to the big players of the Travel & Tourism industry. The Italian company Travel Appeal, for example, received an investment round of 720.000 euros at the beginning of this year from national players of the sector. Spanish ReviewPro was recently acquired for 35 million dollars by Shiji Limited, the main provider of information systems for the Chinese hospitality industry.
A new scenario of acquisition is expected, which will bring benefits to tourists. On the other hand, tourism operators will have to organise and pay more attention to the company web reputation management.

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  • Reviews and web reputation mark new trends in the accommodation sector
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