Opportunities in the Metaverse for the Hotel Industry (Part 2)

Photo credits: TravelMeetHub

The metaverse for the hotel industry offers many insights and, above all, new opportunities emerge to enhance one’s brand and further monetize its customer-user management.

For hotels, it is not a matter of replacing the real experience with the virtual one, but of offering answers to those users who are increasingly investing resources in their virtual identity.

Technology will help to provide faster, more relevant responses, available at anytime, improving the perception of quality of the guest who will always feel accompanied during their stay.
New hospitality techniques will need to be developed to respond to new customer demands.

The amount of data available to each establishment will be huge and new proximity marketing strategies may emerge.
Extreme case: every movement of a guest within the establishment can be traced, therefore, the issue of privacy becomes relevant and a strategic component of the value proposition.

Dedicated staff will have to be considered to assist the customer through the metaverse, with different techniques and times, and it will be a strategic differentiator. Therefore, training will assume a central and new role.

The size
The value proposition will determine the size of the company in the metaverse. If it is attractive, we will find many users, if not, fewer. And therefore, there may be historical residences, glamping, or small design B&Bs that, by involving a large community, strengthen their brand and may monetize more than in real business, where, in the extreme case, they may not even exist.

At Twissen, we observe that the concept of hospitality requires an extension into the metaverse, with new techniques that will have to be developed by leveraging the real experience. It is advisable to start developing a meta-strategy to build a sustainable customer experience, coherent with one’s own brand values. The staff will be decisive, but the technology used will determine its positioning.

Author: Francesco Redi
President and founder at Twissen. Manager in Local Development, Tourism Policies,  EU Funds. He cooperates with several European universities, public bodies, development agencies, DMOs and enterprises.

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