Mobile is the strategy – Twissen Season Report Winter 2017

Website visits through a mobile device are a now-consolidated trend which is constantly asserting itself. In the past year, it registered a significant surge: in fact, at the end of 2016, mobile’s total penetration was 58%, growing by 46%. 

Desktop keeps it leadership in terms of conversion rate: in fact, mobile registers 63% lower conversions compared to computer visits, reaching 70% abandonment rate of the shopping cart.

This is, evidently,  matter of time and habits evolution.

The registered growth indicates that the time is ripe and that mobile will soon become the favourite device also for payment processes, as purchasing decisions are more and more lead by the emotional component. User interface usability, reliability of the contents, safety and transparency of payment process are crucial factors which will push the players of this sector to develop skills in the light of consolidating the revenue.

It is necessary to avoid thinking that mobile means developing an app. The success of this important communication channel is mainly due to the several way in which it can be read and lived by the users: an app is important but often sparsely profitable in building a digital strategy.

Players should also elaborate on responsive websites, social network posts, chats, chatbots which are now developing in popular messaging apps, such as Whatsapp, Messenger and Skype. Further solutions are the designing of digital communication campaigns and the old but reliable email systems which keep their leadership in maximising conversion rates.

A mobile-friendly website, indeed, cannot be enough. It is necessary to become aware that the attention towards this fundamental tool includes gaining skills and abilities both in tech and content areas. 

The battle for gaining the user’s trust is open.

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