Recovery and Resilience Facility: responding to the pandemic with tourism

Recovery and Resilience Facility is the central pillar of Next Generation EU and aims to act and mitigate the socio-economic effects of Covid-19 in European countries. 
The post-pandemic crisis is an opportunity to make society more sustainable and resilient, so that the challenges and opportunities related to the green and digital transition can be better understood.  

Project funding is based on six pillars:  

The allocation of resources depends on results. That is, regular payments will be released when targets are reached.
The Scoardboard provides an update on the progress of the Programme in the various countries, while RECOVER is the task force set up to support activities.  

Whether or not the Programme has a direct impact on the tourism sector depends on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan drawn up by the country itself. The European Commission recommends intervention in four key areas, which are also functional for tourism development:  

-Reskill and upskill
-Recharge and refuel  

At Twissen, we consider goal setting to be a key step in securing funding for the project and ensuring long-term prospects. Targets should be realistic, measurable and shared among the partners.  

Author: Chiara Durigon
Graduating in Local Development and a convinced Europeanist, she studies and researches European projects at national, regional and local level for Twissen.

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