European Funds for tourism: Interreg Central Europe programme launches its first Call

Proposals under the first call of the “Interreg Central Europe Programme 2021-2027” must be submitted by February the 23th. The total budget for this first call is 72 million euros distributed over four axes, which envision a united central Europe cooperating in order to be smartergreener, better connected and with a better governance.

Source: Interreg CE-Terms-of-Reference Call 1 

Eligible proposals must be submitted by a consortium of 5 to 12 public and/or private organisations from at least three different countries, among whom at least two have to be located in one of the Interreg Central Europe regions.

The project budget must be between EUR 1.2 million and EUR 2.4 million for a maximum duration of 36 months.

The programme considers tourism as a strategic topic and emphasizes on its potentiality and development. For this reason, those proposals that can potentially carry a significant impact on the sector should be relevant to the following Specific Objectives.
Specific Objective 1.1 supports the competitiveness of SMEs for the development of economic activities with the objective of economic resilience of the eligible regions and in compliance with ecological and sustainability parameters.
Specific Objective 2.4 stimulates the collaboration of multiple sectors and actors, including tourism, for the protection of biodiversity and the promotion of a more sustainable management of natural resources.
Specific Objective 4.1 sustains the improvement of multi-sectoral governance processes at each territorial level to ensure a prompt response to the challenges that may arise from digitisation, demographic change, public services of general interest and tourism, including culture.

At Twissen, we observed how the proposals on the Travel&Tourism sector can fit into several axes of the Programme contributing to develop and enhance structural areas, such as digitisation, sustainability and governance. The soundness and balance of the partnership is certainly one of the strategic elements to be considered since the preparation phase of the proposal.

Author: Chiara Durigon
Graduating in Local Development and a convinced Europeanist, she studies and researches European projects at national, regional and local level for Twissen.

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