How the booking conversions are linked to the videos

Amadeus recently launched a videoplayer that allows to make online bookings while watching a video.

The use is very simple. During the vision it is possible to get more information about the visualised attractions, and much others, and to convert to booking just clicking on the display.

The solution is called Amadeus Video Solution and allows the tourist organisations, such as destinations, hotels, restaurants or travel agencies, to embed clickable call to actions and other booking details during videos, just as they are displayed.

For sure this is not the only solution available on the market, but it is interesting because designed specifically for the Travel & Tourism industry.

The French site Quotidien du Turisme reports that 2 out of 3 travellers find inspiration on videos while designing the next trip and that they visit on average more than 38 web sites. Interaction with videos can increase the user engagement and conversions.

A very effective use is the one linked to the travel bloggers and those viral videos that get millions of visualisations.

Finally, this tool allows the measurability of a campaign linked to a video and a better comprehension of behaviours and performances.

At Twissen we observed that, especially for the new generations, videos are a strategic content while booking a new travel and they are an effective mean to increase conversions; technology and a consumer-centric approach are the key to success.

Author: Francesco Redi
President and founder at Twissen. Manager in Local Development, Tourism Policies,  EU Funds. He cooperates with several European universities, public bodies, development agencies, DMOs and enterprises.

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