Culture and tradition: new levers of international tourism

According to 2015 Resonance Report “Portrait of the US international leisure traveler”, nowadays the 27% of the international travellers coming from the USA is represented by “sophisticated explorers”. Their first motivation to travel is exploring new cultures and their traditions during leisure travels.”
Most of them are interested in visiting cultural attractions (95%) and in learing new things (94%).

Cultural holidays are no longer just a guided visit to the main monuments or to art cities. It is a new way to come close to the places and people who live there. This type of guest looks for new stories, traditions and habits of the locals.

The static tale of the events which happened in a certain place are being replaced now by real life stories and anecdotes. It is a totally different way to approach a holiday, and it requires a deep knowledge of the territory and of the locals, not only of the history that can be read in books.

At Twissen, we notice that this kind of demand has a significant impact on the tourism offer.

  • Knowing the passionates’ territory is fundamental, and makes them key elements in developing a tourism product
  • Storytelling about holidays becomes a real narration of emotions
  • Communicating the tourism product requires a more realistic approach, replacing catalogues, brochures and digital supports with telling real experiences in a certain place
  • The increase of the proposed experiences strengthen the taylor-made offer, in spite of the catalogue offer.

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