Action, travel! – Twissen Season Report Spring 2017

A new segment of the Travel & Tourism industry developed with the growing possibility of travelling, called film tourism. The aim of the so-called “film tourists” is, in fact, to visit the locations of their favourite films or television series.

Often, film tourism has an important influence on destinations, even on those that are less popular, increasing employment, economic growth and attention towards local realities. A first sign of film tourism dates back to 2001, when the first “Lord of the Rings” movie came out, filmed in New Zealand for the most of the times. According to Tourism New Zealand, in 2014 the revenue coming from film productions passed 3 billion dollars, proving the big impact that this industry had on the Country, and the visibility opportunities deriving from it.

In Europe, many destinations enjoyed the growing popularity of the series “Games of Thrones”. In Iceland, for example, tour operators started to offer holiday packages including the “Ice Wall”, one of the sets of the popular series.
In Ireland, the natural mountain “Skellig Micheal” became popular because of its presence in some of the Star Wars episodes, while Norway enjoyed the popularity of the animation movie Frozen.

Online players of the Travel & Tourism industry, such as metasearch platforms and OTAs, didn’t stay still. Orbitz, for example, provides an interactive map which allows users to see the locations of some of the most famous or recent films.

On the other hand, there are also negative aspects deriving from this phenomenon, as it happened with “Twilight” and the following films. Tourists’ interest towards the films’ sets decreased along with the interest towards the movies themselves. In Slovakia, the film “The Hostel” showed the Country as unwelcoming.

The only thing left is waiting for the next movies.


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  • Action, travel!



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