The time has come for meta-entrepreneurs, even in tourism

With the advent of new technologies related to the metaverse, especially in tourism, many opportunities are emerging, but at the same time, entrepreneurs and managers must assess the delicate implications for business performances and for customers.  

In the Travel & Tourism industry, as we have highlighted in our previous articles, tourism destinations and hotels will be able to manage the relationship with the customer-tourist in new ways, opening up to new interactions before, during and after the journey, exploring new opportunities for monetisation and value creation.  

To achieve this, a change of paradigm will be necessary. Starting with entrepreneurs, managers or hoteliers, key people in the industry will have to turn into meta-entrepreneurs, a neologism first coined by Twissen in relation to the topic.  

A new generation of business leaders will be able to innovate and, while continuing to develop business in the ‘real’ world, leverage the technologies offered by the metaverse with new revenue and value creation opportunities for their stakeholders 

Meta-entrepreneurs will have to equip their companies from the outset with a meta-strategy accompanied by a precise business model, dosing their resources well at each stage of receiving this new wave from the market.  

Technology, all of which already exists, will be the defining element. Graphics, fluidity and security, for example, will position the business project in the metaverse. 

Finally, training will be a strategic element since, although there will always be, fortunately, operators who welcome tourists in the real world, and they will need lifelong training, there will be a new class of employees who will operate in the virtual world and who will have to learn, for example, specific hospitality techniques.  

We at Twissen have observed that, although it still takes time for the market to be fully receptive, there are several activities that can be completed in the virtual platform, such as business meetings, training or previews of hotel rooms. It is highly recommended to approach this trend already now in order not to be caught off guard when the market is ready and receptive.  

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