Latest SMP call invests 20.5 million on tourism

The call Sustainable growth and building resilience in tourism – empowering support to SMEs to carry out the twin transition (SMP-COSME-2022-TOURSME) was published on September 6th and the deadline for submissions is November 30th.  The call is financed by the SMP (Single Market Programme). The total amount for the action is 20,5 million, where the maximum support for a single project is 4 million. 

This call for proposals will be part of the overall COVID-19 recovery strategy for a sustainable tourism ecosystem and in particular aim at equipping and empowering SMEs in their twin transition (green and digital transition) efforts in line with the Tourism Transition Pathway. 

The action aims to guide the forward-looking recovery of the tourism ecosystem by providing support, including with the intermediary of consortia of organisations of the relevant tourism industry stakeholders, to the digital and green transformation of tourism companies, particularly SMEs, and boosting innovation, resilience, sustainability and quality along the tourism value chain.  

The expected impacts are: 

  1. Enhanced resilience and competitiveness of tourism SMEs through better uptake of sustainability principles innovation, digital tools and data and through improved capacity to consider, assess and follow the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of tourism services and activities;
  2. New business models in tourism building on digitalisation, new technologies, sustainability, circularity, authentic and cultural experiences, and engagement of local communities;
  3. Enhanced cooperation along the tourism value chain;
  4. Improved transnational and cross-border cooperation, knowledge transfer and peer learning;
  5. Support to recovery of the tourism ecosystem from COVID-19 crisis by developing and sharing best practices for recovery investments with long-term effects for green and digital transition.

At Twissen we observe that major incentives call for more complex projects. Therefore, the degree of specificity required in project design and planning are higher. The identification of the project partners becomes even more essential to strive for ambitious and strategic outcomes. 

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