An insight on Euromonitor International Sustainable Travel Index

Climate change, which represents the biggest threat to people as well as to the planet, calls into question the future of the tourism sector that, for its part, accounts for 8% of global emissions.
According to Euromonitor International’s Sustainable Travel Index of 2021, the top 20 positions of the Sustainable Travel Index Ranking are held by European countries. This result has been reached especially thanks to the EU’s Green Deal, whose objective is leading Europe to carbon neutrality by 2050.

Sweden, with a remarkable performance in the environmental sustainability pillar, ranks first. This country offers many green and eco-chic travel experiences with Nature’s Best certified tour operators.


Source: Euromonitor International’s Sustainable Travel Index of 2021

In order to mitigate the impact of climate change, there is the urgence to focus on mobility and transport, accounting for 25% of the EU’s total emissions. The aim would be lowering emissions by 90% by 2050.
Digitalisation, improved ticketing options, cross-border and long-distance rail, and waterway infrastructure are among the key proposals to reach the aim.

As for Italy, the country ranks 27th in the Sustainable Travel Index, while it is not even present within the first 15 positions of the Sustainable Transport Ranking, a clear sign that there is much more work to be done to improve travel and transport conditions in the country. 

At Twissen we observe that Europe dominates the framework of sustainable travel. However, it is now fundamental to implement and adopt strategies and policies that lower carbon emissions, not only in the Old Continent but also in the rest of the world. The ultimate goal would be to make tourism a less polluting and more “responsible” industry, since sustainability is now becoming the fundamental prerequisite for the future development of the sector

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