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Financial consulting

Fshare is a network of companies and professionals offering services to companies in the area of access to ordinary, extraordinary and subsidised finance and providing legal, tax and management consulting.
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Within the network, Twissen promotes services in the following areas:

Project conception
Together with the organisational referents, Twissen analyses needs and identifies solutions for the realisation of expected objectives, elaborating and developing them into project lines.

Feasibility analysis
Subsequently, thanks to a precise feasibility analysis, Twissen plans eligible projects for the various European, national, regional and local calls for tenders with a timetable.

With regard to the purely tourism-related field, Twissen has the expertise to design and submit proposals for subsidy programmes, supporting the organisation in its relationship with the relevant body and in the identification and management of partnerships.

Project management
Twissen has strong management skills and can effectively intervene in project management and implementation.

Through continuous research and project implementation, Twissen has developed innovative content with a team of trainers in tourism and local development who can work on simple or integrated projects.

Twissen has an in-house team specialised in dissemination activities, which are required in various projects under European, national and regional programmes.

Twissen constantly investigates and analyses the concept of metaverse and, together with a network of partners, develops business opportunities for Travel & Tourism deriving from this technology.

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