Sile Fest

Sile Fest - Twissen Case History



SileFest is a festival whose aim is to promote tourism-oriented events throughout the year, in order to keep alive the tourism offer of the area along the river Sile (Treviso and province). The seasonal events included in the programme were:

  • Sile Jazz & Wine: a boat tour on the river Sile with musical accompaniment and tasting of typical products
  • Silelonga: a guided bicycle excursion with tasting stops at inns along the river
  • Trofeo Baran – Sambo – Cipolla: a rowing competition to commemorate the Olympic gold medal won by the trio from Treviso.
  • Tiramisù World Cup: the first edition of the project aimed at enhancing the territory through a local foodexcellence, tiramisu.


Year 2017


The project has been realised within the Agreement “Sile, Oasi d’Acque e di Sapori” among the following Municipalities: Comune di Treviso, Comune di Casale sul Sile (TV), Comune di Casier (TV), Comune di Istrana (TV), Comune di Morgano (TV), Comune di Quinto di Treviso (TV), Comune di Roncade (TV), Comune di Silea (TV), Comune di Vedelago (TV), Parco del Fiume Sile.

Objectives and results

The main objective of the events festival was the territorial and tourist enhancement of the places and municipalities along the axis of the river Sile, in the province of Treviso.
Following an intense activity of territorial animation, the project website was created, which, in addition to promoting the events festival, provides information and news on the territory, travel itineraries with different themes and suggestions on venues, accommodation and activities. In addition to the promotional video, the festival was equipped with a tourist card, called SileCard, which allowed the tasting of typical local dishes in selected venues along the river, as well as a series of conventions with local companies providing tourist services and others.

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