Z Generation, a new target of travellers – Twissen Season Report Spring 2017

Generational turnover creates new generations of young travellers. As we have already reported, people belonging to this age group (18 yo or less) are starting to influence their families’ travel choices, sometimes showing unexpected preferences. Just like the preceding generation, Millennials (18-34 yo), Gen Zs are constantly looking for experiences while travelling, preferring unusual and exotic places, such as Iceland and Africa.
What is actually changing is the relationship that this generation has with the online world, showing contrasting results. In fact, before the holiday, social networks are the main information source to Gen Zs, who choose their travel destination by considering the amount of pictures and videos they will be able to share on their social accounts. The attention paid to multimedia is fundamental and their attention span, 8 seconds circa, is usually stimulated only by catchy pictures. Some players of the Travel & Tourism industry have already adapted, also considering their preferred social medias. Marriott Hotels, for example, created an official profile on Snapchat, where the low-cost airline Wow Air launched a contest to encourage Gen Zs to become content creators in order to win air tickets. Expedia Media Solution reported that in this phase, beyond social medias, Gen Zs rely on search engines (50%) and metasearches (39%) to get information, but it is interesting to underline that they also prefer less typical channels, such as travel reports (15%) and offline travel agents (13%). Finally, smartphone is the preferred tool, sometimes replacing desktop in all the phases of the holiday.
Players of the industry are facing these changes, considering this target interesting and potentially profitable. New business models are on the horizon.

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