3 pandemic trends expected to reshape the future of travel

1. Health and wellbeing

The recovery of the hospitality industry will depend on its capacity to adapt to the new challenges and respond to the emerging tourists’ behaviours. Health and wellbeing will be top priorities for guests, which implies that increased sanitization around the hotel will be critical. Moreover, the need for “mindfulness, good sleep and good health” will put the focus on additional services, such as fitness facilities offering a safe and exclusive experience.
Not to forget, the impact of technology on customers’ experience, which is not only necessary to guarantee social distancing through seamless and digital alternatives, instead it is also expected to increase the hotel industry efficiency and reshape its experience in the long term.
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2. The value of travel as a gateway

The pandemic showed us the vulnerability of the travel infrastructure. For this reason, generations of travellers will never look at travel the same way and will never again take it for granted. Covid-19 inspired many people to finally see that one of the most fulfilling parts of their life is traversing other places. Thus, it is important that travel brands and experiences providers connect with travellers’ emotional needs to break away from the everyday life, since travel will become more and more a fundamental way to connect and break out of the daily routine – not a commodity as it used to be.
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3. Flexible and conscious travel

According to Google, travel will be more flexible: 57% of consumers around the world say that they expect travel booking to be flexible and easy to change or cancel without penalty. Second, travel will be more intentional: people will be more deliberate about what they book and with whom. For example, more than 70% of travelers think that travel companies should offer sustainable travel choices. And nearly a third of consumers around the world say they are looking to visit family on their next trip. Finally, let’s consider the traditional concept of loyalty; travel will be “up for grabs”: 1 in 3 consumers around the world say they are open to booking with a travel company they haven’t used before.
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