3 travel trends for summer 2021

1. Staycation and proximity

We have recently observed a relevant change in tourists’ booking preferences: since the outbreak of the pandemic, people are choosing to book close to their travel dates, travelling at most 500km away from home, and preferring the company of their loved ones. The vaccine factor is also contributing to the staycation trend: the lack of a clear vaccination plan, fragmented European policies and an epidemic curve that is struggling to go down, tourists confirm their need and desire to choose local and least visited destinations, preferably in contact with nature.

2. Stay longer, spend more

Recent figures by Club Med reveal that many travellers are spending around 20% more on holidays this year than in 2020. After repeated lockdowns and more than a year in smart working and distance learning, travel is becoming a real necessity and, for those who can afford it, the most popular option will be a long holiday, preferably customised according to the traveller’s needs, but above all with high standards of cleanliness and safety. In this scenario, destinations and tourist facilities that offer a customised offer and respond to the new needs that emerged as a result of the pandemic will have the opportunity to stand out and attract valuable tourists.

3. Campervan and motorhomes are an answer to the need for safety and freedom

Just like a year ago, the trend is confirmed for 2021: the campervan guarantees the combination of safety and freedom and offers travellers the opportunity to enjoy the full travel experience and come into close contact with nature. Figures show that in 2020 the number of tourists choosing campervans and caravans in Europe grew by 30%, and the confirmation of this trend for the year 2021 highlights that campervans will play an active role in the recovery of the tourism sector. It remains to be seen whether vanlife holidays are a temporary response to the new travel needs or whether this will become a real lifestyle, to which the tourism industry will have to adapt by evolving and effectively communicating its services.