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We constantly observe the global market of the Travel & Tourism industry, combining a multiplicity of informative sources, thanks to the independent collaboration with DMOs, public institutions, universities and research centres. Twissen creates the perfect environment for reliable and efficient researches and market analysis.


We daily assess the presence of many opportunities in the Travel & Tourism market. Twissen’s commitment is focused on developing business plans, both in start-up and consolidation or innovation phase, in order to allow our partners to get the most out of resources and ideas.


Sharing knowledge is a contribute to the competitive and sustainable growth of the industry in which we operate. We design and participate to training programmes, carrying the Twissen global vision and the best business experiences.


Tourism & Travel market is more crowded than ever, and competition hardened and chaotic. We help our partners organising and spreading the best initiatives among the industry players, with the responsibility of keeping high the sector level quality.

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The continuous exchange of visions has the great advantage of creating value and generating opportunities and synergies.

At Twissen we believe inĀ sharing knowledge as a fundamental way to build and efficiently maintain each own position in the Travel & Tourism world. .

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