Overtourism phobia – Twissen Season Report Spring 2017

This year, many European cities had to face the problems regarding the high number of tourists and visitors and their management.
We have already discussed about this topic, but during the spring season the overtourism problem affected further cities, such as Madrid, the Spanish capital which also hosted the World Pride 2017.

In these cities, residents are protesting through posters and demonstrations, as the one organised in Venice between the end of June and the beginning of July, the latest in a series where residents also protested with strollers among the city calle, drawing attention to the relationship between the depopulation of the city caused by overtourism and the falling birth rate.

So, from Barcelona to Venice, via Amsterdam and Palma de Mallorca, the word “tourist-phobia” is becoming popular, highlighting the stressed relationship between residents and tourists in some destinations.

But which are the measures that can be taken to decongest the most popular places, which could also bring benefit to minor destinations? An entrance ticket is one of the most discussed options, in particular referred to Venice, along with a fixed number of tourists that can access the city. The discussion about these solutions affects all the local and non-local players, but rarely leads to effective results or, at least, to guidelines. Alternative itineraries to offer to tour operators which are looking for innovative products or off-the-beaten-path routes along with management plans of tourism flows are among the most popular options. Unfortunately, where they are needed, they are not applied.

Even if in several cases the behaviour of individual tourists negatively affects the coexistence between tourists and residents, as when some tourists wanted to surf the Grand Canal in Venice, it has been registered that tourists are becoming more and more attentive to sustainability, even those who are not high-spending.

Therefore, it is not strange to think that tourists could become the best partner to save destinations from overcrowding and from the unsustainable tourism system.


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