4 recommendations for tourism destinations to plan effective events

Events have always been an important driver to increase destinations’ popularity and generate tourist flows, however, it is evident that with Covid-19 the whole industry has stopped, limiting itself to digital channels wherever possible.

With the re-opening and the vaccination campaign underway, it is expected that in-person events will return; however, due to the expected changes in behaviour and the virus still circulating, destinations need to plan them carefully.

Niche events
It will be difficult to have mass events back in the short term, therefore there is the opportunity to involve niches of tourists which are often effective as well as safe: many small-scale events.

Local tourism
The target group for this year is still expected to be the proximity tourist; uncertainty still hovers and to reduce it, we suggest to focus on a geographical area of proximity.

The openings in April confirm the opportunity to plan outdoor activities, not only for active tourists but also for all the other segments.

Networking with the local productive sector
Leveraging niches by linking the event to a local brand that benefits from this in terms of visibility and social animation of its community. Collaboration in tourism is always a win-win situation.

At Twissen we observed that the return to events will be gradual, but in the meantime, destinations must adapt to the current scenario by exploiting every opportunity to generate flows and brand visibility.