The luxury experience in the room

The hotel industry is facing a moment of change and innovation, but it’s mainly the core of investments that, in this last year, confirmed the interest of Chinese investors.

The luxury segment is evolving and it concentrates a number of players. On the other hand, tourists are demanding more and experience became the core of the hotel stay and the main component while designing a product.
Customisation became personalisation. The luxury tourists started to design their own experience, such as the fragrance of the perfume in the room, the characteristics of the room or other services before the arrival to the hotel.

Moreover, customisation has a new dimension thanks to the processing of the information linked to the customer and the big data available. Luxury travellers may not express their needs in advance, but they expect to be surprised during their holiday. For this reason, it is necessary to study in depth the customer needs and, by consequence, to offer smart and intuitive services.
Dining and shopping are two strategic components of the experience. Regarding the second, the new payment systems, such as Alipay and Wechat, are necessary and must be consistent to the geographical origin of the customer.

At Twissen we observed that, in the hotel industry, the concept of experience linked to luxury stresses a customer-centric approach. Technology is an important tool but not necessarily among the characterising components.