Glamping: camping’s comeback in the luxury and experiential tourism trend

In the collective imagination, camping consists in vast spaces in the nature where tourists usually stay in tents or camping vans. Recently, this concept is assuming new connotations, along with the development of innovative products which are adding value to the typical open air experience.

This is the case of glamping (glamour + camping), a type of camping site which also offers all the amenities of a luxury accommodation, fitting at the same time in the slow and sustainable tourism.

In some cases, glamping has become the key to renewal for some tourist accommodations which are by now dated or obsolete, attracting interesting investments. As reported by Hosteltur, for example, in Tarragona (Spain) the Camping & Resort Sangulì Salou recently invested 20 million euros to expand its area by 70.000 square meters, adopting glamping as the main concept for the offered products. In Italy, the Club del Sole group, which manages camping sites and tourist villages in the Country, planned an investment of 15 million euros to be earmarked in the 2017-2019 period, in order to develop luxury accommodations focused on glamping. In Japan, the future opening of a thematic park near the city of Hanno includes an area dedicated to glamping in a 130 million dollars project.

According to a survey realised by AYTM Market Research, 37% of respondents stated to be interested in having a glamping stay in the following years, 22% during 2017 or 2018. Talking about who has already experienced camping, these percentages rise up to 46% and 29% in the next two years. It is interesting to underline that 69% of respondents affirmed to search the contact with nature while travelling, and 69% of them also want to have amenities and luxury services at their disposal. 

At Twissen we observed that developing products in the camping segment can lead to interesting business potentials, mainly when it can attract different targets of tourists: from families to couples, from young people looking for experiences to who prefers the contact with nature but without giving up to comfort and luxury.