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At twissen.com we seriously consider travel & tourism.

We firmly believe that tourism can be sustainable and competitive at the same time.

We get inspiration from COM(2007) 621 and COM(2010) 352 from European Commission.
We are influenced by the businesses and balance sheets of global tourism companies as well as of micro-enterprises. After all, these last are the ones that make this industry big and are also the ones supposed to need more support.

What a great industry based on human resources!!! Training is a priority: we all need to be specifically trained and skilled in order to improve and share our knowledge.

We deem that policy makers and enterprise managers can exchange in order to make this industry grow.

We want to be witnesses of a tourism accessible to every person and in every season of the year.

For this purpose, we welcome investments in innovation and digital, a sector in which we are continuously surprised by the inputs from the big datas.

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