European cities, a performative tourism product in 2016

In 2016, the Travel & Tourism industry had to face several challenges, especially the ones deriving from international terrorism and global safety and security. Notwithstanding, as reported by the UNWTO’s “World Tourism Barometer“, last year global tourism flows grew by 3,9%, reaching 1.235 million travellers.

Europe registered satisfying results, according to the latest statistics released by European Cities Marketing (ECM), which shows how tourism flows in European cities grew by 3,6% yoy. In particular, the number of domestic overnights grew by 6% and international ones by 2,3%, recording 389.9 million overnights spent in Europe in 2016.
The most performing city was London (+7,3%), followed by Paris, even if the total number of overnights in the city decreased by 9,5%, mainly due to the security rate perceived in the city. In particular, total number of international tourists’ overnights in Paris fell by 12,5%. Further interesting results were registered in Berlin (+2,3%), Rome (+1,9%), Barcelona (+8,5%), Madrid (+6,4%) and Amsterdam (+6,6%).

USA resulted to be the main origin market for tourism flows (+11%), followed by Germany (+9%), UK (+9%) and China, which continued its growth (+2,2%), still representing the fastest growing origin market in Europe. On the other hand, disappointing results were recorded in Italy (-4,3%), Japan (-11,8%) and Russia (-12,4%).

At Twissen we observed that 2016 has been a performing year for European tourism besides all the challenges, such as terrorism attacks particularly in Paris. Tourism flows are oriented towards new destinations; as we can see, Spanish cities registered interesting results. Although Europe recorded both positive and negative scenarios, tourism flows figures, especially domestic ones, are still encouraging.