Active tourism is a growing trend: the case of Amatriciana homeland

Experience is more and more important for the travel demand. The supply side offers a growing number of solutions and products, designed for different segments.

Active tourism can be included in this trend, a new travel philosophy which combines adventure, eco-tourism and cultural aspects of a tour focused on discovery. There are some aspects which link active tourism to eco-tourism or nature tourism. Often, some activities are the same.

Notwithstanding, in this specific case, tourist demands for a phisical and intellectual participation at destination, and cultural aspects represent a decisive component. For these reasons, active tourism can be practised both in uncontaminated nature and in urban destinations. The aptitude is participative, esperiential and interactive with the local population, which makes this type of tourism unique. So, not only tours in wild places, but also dance or cooking classes.

Active tourism is a global trend and there are some destinations, such as Philippines or Slovenia, which are investing in this segment, that tends to attract responsible tourists that, in many cases, have an interesting spending capacity.

In Italy, the initiative “Amatrice Incoming“, promoted by Vivitalia, offers an online catalogue which includes all the travels, experiences and excursions to be undertaken in 2017 in the Amatrice area, which is linked to the world-famous culinary brand “Pasta all’Amatriciana”. This zone organised after the earthquake which happened on last August, and many areas have already been made safe.

At Twissen we observed that active tourism is being demanded by a growing number of tourists who are looking for authentic experiences, not only in nature settings. This typology can be included in sustainable tourism and helps the destination to be positioned as “healthy and green”.