About Us

It took one year to establish the company, but when we decided to invest on twissen.com we had that good vibe as when, when the school was over, you were going to start a long trip with your best friends. Soooo excited!!

We all come from the travel & tourism industry, with different experiences but equally aware that we are facing a new era and new challenges. In this scenario we are conscious that knowledge is really important. Even more important, knowledge needs to be shared, at all levels. There are no standard solutions.

We are in love with this industry and, most of all, we strongly believe that knowledge can only be shared by totally independent players. Just like we are!

Finding our name was not an easy job. Yes, we are Italians, based near Venice. But first of all we are Europeans and this is what we wanted to tell.
One day, Debora was reading a book by a Japanese author. This guy, while telling that you should be philosophical about life, was explaining that, in German, the word “wissen” means “deep knowledge“. With her passion for words, she couldn’t help from being impressed: she only added the letter T for Tourism and then she texted me: “Twissen!!!!”.
At the beginning I was surprised, but then I got used to it and, the next day, it sounded great!

Can you recall the old timing boards in the airports? Our logo got inspired by them. Like an airport, twissen.com is a place of exchange, of departures, of arrivals, of unexpected changes of direction and of slow but careful observation. Just that type of observation that allows you to notice the most hidden details that often become keystone to realize great ideas and ambitious projects.


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